Private Email and Cloud Storage.

the most secure and private email

Email remains a relevant tool both in business and in everyday life. It is needed for business correspondence, and for exchanging documents, for registering accounts and authorization in the lion’s share of services and applications.

Confidential cloud storage for secure, encrypted storage of personal or corporate information.

At the same time, there is an increasing demand in society for confidentiality and security of information exchange.
Everyone already knows about total surveillance by Google, Apple and Microsoft.

Secure mail ProtonMail

ProtonMail has been around for almost ten years. At the heart of its success is its strict no-logs policy and use of an end-to-end encryption method.

The fact that it is an open source service creates a high degree of trust among users. Additional security is guaranteed by the fact that all the company’s servers are stored at a depth of one kilometer underground.

To ensure the highest level of security, it is recommended to use the encrypted messaging functionality that is available to ProtonMail users.

A significant advantage is that Proton has a free version (up to 500 MB). This allows you to get to know the service in detail before paying for full access. The free version is limited not only in memory size, but also in the number of messages (no more than 150 per day).

The service has not only a functional web client, but also applications for mobile operating systems (iOS and Android). As well as nicknames (up to 10 in the free version) for “one-time” use when registering on third-party resources.

Secure anonymous mail Tutanota

This is a universal service adapted for all popular platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. If you rely on data from the project website and GitHub statistics, then the project has more than two million clients.

Instead of PGP, the service uses AES and RSA encryption. They are similar in algorithms, but the second uses a combination of symmetric and asymmetric keys, creating an additional level of security.

Tutanota also encrypts the sender and recipient names, as well as the subject line. Two-factor authentication is supported and users can choose between TOTP (authentication apps) and U2F (YubiKey).

The project has a free version with a limit of one gigabyte of memory, and paid plans.

Secure anonymous cloud data storage.


Pcloud is a simple European storage and collaboration service with a focus on security. Has limited functionality. However, it has no restrictions on the size of uploaded documents. You can also buy storage forever instead of paying monthly.

Free space: 10 GB.

built-in audio and video player;

the ability to restore files from the recycle bin for a period of up to 30 days and an account version for up to 180 days;

mobile versions for Android, iOS, desktop versions for Windows, Linux, MacOS;

pCloud Save extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge browsers;

statistics on links to files;

synchronization with Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Google Drive, Google Photos;

creating 5 copies of files on different servers.


Multifunctional American service for sharing and storing files. It is also a business process automation tool, a mini-CRM. Allows you to create tasks for the entire team, work collectively with files and notes, set the role of each employee and view statistics.

Free space: 10 GB

desktop version for Windows, macOS, Linux, application for Android, iOS;

more than 1,500 integrations, including Google Workspace, Microsoft Office Online, Slack, as well as popular productivity and task management applications Trello, Salesforce, Asana, etc.;

panel for assigning roles, collaborating with files, viewing statistics;

functionality for creating tasks for working with files;

special solutions for different industries;

electronic signature Box Sign.

And finally, a secure Internet browser that will not track your actions on the Internet: Decentr

By using these services you can be confident in your privacy.

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