Automate all routine work with IFTTT

IFTTT is a web service that allows you to automate the interactions of different social networks,

What is IFTTT and how is the service useful?

IFTTT is a web service that allows you to automate the interactions of different social networks, applications or smart home systems using simple rules “If situation A happens, then perform action B.” For example, through it you can configure the light to automatically turn on when you receive a letter in Gmail.

IFTTT allows you to automate many actions on the Internet by connecting different applications. For example, turn on the lights in the room when the rate reaches N per share, add a line to a spreadsheet when a POST request is received on the server, automatically save all images from a public webcam at a given URL to Google Drive, send an email when a missed call, lower the volume phone when Wi-Fi is connected, reposting Twitter in Telegram, automatically turning off the lights at sunrise and much more – the options are limited only by the life hacker’s imagination and the number of services that IFTTT supports.

Examples of using IFTTT scripts.

Although it takes no more than a minute to create a simple task, there are categories of popular ready-made “recipes” that already contain all the necessary information. Of the large list of actions that can be implemented using the IFTTT service, Computerra offers several of the most interesting ones.

Scheduling tasks

This “recipe” allows you to automatically add any Gmail email that has a ToDo label to your Google Calendar as an event.

Using another “recipe”, any notes taken in iAWriter, Simplenote and other applications and placed in Dropbox will automatically be sent to Evernote.


You can automatically save your Facebook status updates to Evernote or Google Calendar.

All photos on Facebook where we are tagged with the appropriate tag can be automatically copied to a separate photo album folder.


An archive of all our Twitter tweets can be automatically saved in a text file in the Dropbox cloud or in a Google Spreadsheet.

Finally, one of the most popular functions – automatic tweets-reposts of statuses on Facebook – can be organized using this “recipe”. Photos posted to Flickr can also be reposted to Twitter at the same time.

Free on the Web

With IFTTT, you can easily track messages about free audio files, e-books, and various promotions published on different sites. To receive email notifications about free tracks on iTunes, you can use this “recipe”, this combination is responsible for Amazon, and this is for Last.FM.

Try IFTTT for free.

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