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What is Web3 mail

Web3 solutions, as they grow in popularity, are trying to replace many “traditional services”, and blockchain technologies are slowly but surely penetrating the familiar Internet. A prime example of the trend is Web3 mail.

What is Web3 mail.

At first glance, blockchain appears to be a perfect fit for email. With its encryption mechanisms and decentralized storage features, it provides the highest level of privacy and security for messages. Email on blockchain is email that provides strong encryption, differentiating it from legacy email services because messages are stored in a decentralized manner where the sender and recipient have access only.

Comparisons can be made to the competitive advantage of cryptocurrency over traditional finance due to the feature of a decentralized and consistent registry storing information. As in traditional finance, conventional mail is linked to an intermediary providing the service and storing all the necessary information. Parties must trust this intermediary. There is no guarantee that their messages will not be corrupted or simply leaked to malicious parties. In the case of traditional finance, a similar problem was solved with the emergence of the historically first cryptocurrency, where blockchain technology was first applied.

An important feature of blockchain messages is that they are genuine and immutable – they cannot be altered or deleted from the blockchain.
In addition, of course, the obvious benefits will include solving the spam problem and integrating blockchain mail into other Web3 products in the DeFi, NFT and various multiverse environments.

Why you need Web3 mail.

The whole world is moving towards Web 3.0 – a new version of the Internet, where users will manage their data, AI will understand requests like real people, and all information will be stored and processed in a distributed manner. And this is not a distant prospect, but something that is already happening now – the number of Web3 projects is growing exponentially.

Say goodbye to spam and phishing attacks. The decentralized nature and encryption of Web3 email provides a secure environment for communication.

Take control of your communication. With Web3 email, you decide how your data is used, providing a personalized experience.

Web3 email integrates seamlessly with other Web3 services such as Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Metaverse, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), creating a cohesive Web3 ecosystem.

Where to register web3 mail.

Web3 Mail Service : Dmail

Dmail Network offers two main services: an IPFS and Canister-based personalized mailbox that allows users to manage and access their data, and a collaborative workspace called the Dmail High-Frequency Communication Service, which serves as a portal for message management, asset management, and workspace data.

Like many Web3 services, DMail has its own token – $DMAIL. Now there is airdrop of the coin – you need to perform tasks, write letters, etc. DMAIL cryptocurrency is available on centralized and decentralized exchanges. DMail trading started in early February 2024.

Register Dmail

Web3 mail service : Ethermail

EtherMail is a company that is changing the way people use email with Web3 technology. They provide users with a secure and private way to communicate between wallets. They create a link between traditional email services and the new Web 3.0 technology, giving users complete control over their inboxes. Companies can also benefit from EtherMail by sending relevant content directly to asset owners based on real-time information synchronized with the blockchain.

At the moment the Ethermail mail service is in beta testing and rewards all new users with EMC tokens for registration (+250 EMC), mobile device connection (+500 EMC) and other activities are also rewarded. When the project goes mainnet, EMC tokens will be converted into EMT tokens

Register Ethermail

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