Cryptocurrencies that could give 100x in 2025


In the spring of 2024, the crypto market is waiting for an important event – the Bitcoin halving. The history of observations shows that BTC updates its absolute maximum approximately a year and a half after the halving, which means the peak may be recorded in 2025. Bitcoin, being the flagship, pulls the entire crypto market with it. Therefore, during the period of BTC growth, altcoins also show positive dynamics, which means that the active growth of alternative coins may occur in 2025.

Here are the most promising cryptocurrencies for investment.

ATOR Protocol (ATOR). The project expands the capabilities of the Onion Router (Tor) proxy server system. The developers call ATOR a solution for maintaining anonymity on a large scale.

WINR Protocol (WINR). The project team proposed infrastructure and technical solutions for the transition of the games market to Web3.

Radix (XRD). A layer one protocol that offers alternative solutions to improve the user experience in DeFi and Web3. The project developers created their own version of the Ethereum virtual machine – Radix Engine.WadzPay Token (WTK). A token for a decentralized digital payment system.

Casper (CSPR). A crypto project token with its own universal Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain.

Gala (GALA). The project team develops solutions for the gaming industry. Developers are using the power of blockchain to offer players complete control over gameplay, achievements, and characters.

Kaspa (KAS). Proof-of-Work cryptocurrency that runs on the GHOSTDAG protocol. The project differs from its analogues in its special rules of consensus and high speed of work.

Realio Network (RIO). Blockchain service-as-a-service platform for issuing, investing and managing the life cycle of digital securities and other digital assets.

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