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What is ZERO Coin

ZERO Coin is a revolutionary platform based on Zcash. ZERO combines the security of Bitcoin with the anonymity and privacy of Zcash. ZERO stands out from its competitors in that it is a fully working product that has already implemented a set of features that do not exist in any other coin.

ZERO Coin operates on an anonymous, private, secure and decentralized network supported by fast nodes and an ASIC-resistant algorithm.

Transactions are completed within seconds, making ZERO Coin significantly faster than any other cryptocurrency. There is zero transaction fee (only 0.0001 zer at peak load) which is much cheaper than any other cryptocurrency.

ZERO Coin uses zero-knowledge cryptography and fully implements zk-SNARK technology, in other words, it is completely secure transactions that are untraceable.

Mining Zero Coin requires 25-30% less power consumption than ETH, ZCASH, XMR or other cryptocurrencies.

How to Earn ZERO Coin (ZER)

Create a ZERO Wallet
Here you can always exchange ZERO Coin for Litecoit and vice versa. Follow the instructions carefully when creating your wallet.

Now that you have received the ZERO wallet address, you can earn coins

ZERO Coin Faucet

Faucet 1

Faucet 2

Faucet 3

Fauset 4

Withdrawal is available instantly to your wallet

What to do with Zero Coins

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