Hight Paying Cypto PTC Sites

Hight Paying Cypto PTC Sites

PTC sites, also known as Paid to Click, are online platforms that allow users to earn money by viewing advertisements, clicking on ads, or completing simple tasks. These sites act as intermediaries between advertisers and consumers. Advertisers pay for displaying ads on the PTC website, and a part of this payment goes to the viewer when they view the advertisement.


Here’s how PTC Sites Work

1. Advertisers create ads and pay PTC sites to display them.

2. PTC sites display these ads on their platform.

3. Users (viewers) visit the PTC site and view the ads.

4. The PTC site pays the viewer a small amount of money for viewing the ad.

5. The viewer can redeem their earnings through various payment methods, such as PayPal, Bitcoin, or gift cards.


PTC sites can be categorized into various types

– Paid to Click (PTC) sites: Users earn money by clicking on ads.

– Paid to Read (PTR) sites: Users earn money by reading articles, news, or other content.

– Paid to Watch (PTW) sites: Users earn money by watching videos, movies, or other content.

– Paid to Complete Tasks (PTCT) sites: Users earn money by completing simple tasks, such as surveys, offers, or games.


Benefits of PTC Sites


PTC sites offer several benefits, including:

– Easy way to earn money: PTC sites provide an easy way to earn money from home, without requiring any special skills or investments.

– Flexibility: PTC sites often allow users to work at their own pace, making it a flexible way to earn money.

– Low barrier to entry: PTC sites typically have a low barrier to entry, making it accessible to anyone with an internet connection.


Things to Keep in Mind

When using PTC sites, keep the following in mind:

– Be cautious of scams: Not all PTC sites are legitimate, so be cautious and research the site before joining.

– Earnings may be low: PTC sites typically offer low earnings, so it’s essential to be realistic about the amount of money you can earn.

– Follow the rules: Each PTC site has its own rules and guidelines, so be sure to follow them to avoid account suspension or termination.

In summary, PTC sites are online platforms that allow users to earn money by viewing advertisements, clicking on ads, or completing simple tasks. While they offer an easy way to earn money, it’s essential to be cautious and follow the rules to ensure a positive experience.


Discover the top PTC (Paid-to-Click) websites that offer generous cryptocurrency payments


GainBTC – earn your BTC now!

Earn Bitcoins by viewing/surfing advertisements.
Claim free BTC every hour!
Earn at least 3 satoshi for watching 1 PTC ad, and at least 1 satoshi for watching 1 SURF ad.
Minimum withdrawal is 1000 satoshi.
Payouts are processed by FaucetPay and CWallet or Direct.
Great lottery system available.
Play Lo/Hi game.
Faucet: earn 15 to 30 satoshi every 60 minutes.
Complete ShortLinks and OfferWalls for additional earnings.



At Larvelfaucet, you can receive free Bitcoin. The platform has been registered in the USA since 2018. Larvelfaucet offers various cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Litecoin.

You have the opportunity to receive cryptocurrency every 30 minutes. To do so, you simply need to enter a captcha, wait a few seconds, and you’ll receive between 50 to 200 coins in a random order.

In addition to the faucet, you can also participate in PTC advertising. Larvelfaucet pays between 100 and 200 coins per PTC ad. These ads are easy to complete, as you don’t need to keep the window in focus. After a timeout, you only need to solve a simple captcha to claim your coins.

The mining game is really interesting. You have 8 slots and you can buy different GPUs for them.



Coinserom, your premier destination for advertising, publishing, and earning Bitcoin—the most popular cryptocurrency in the world.

Discover opportunities to earn bitcoins by engaging in various activities such as viewing advertisers’ sites, watching videos, participating in projects, and subscribing to social networks. Take advantage of cryptocurrency faucets, cryptocurrency staking, and an affiliate program.
You can easily withdraw your earnings to FaucetPay or Direct.



BTCAdSpace is a faucet that was launched in November 2020. The payout limit is only 15 Satoshi, which can be reached with just a few applications on Faucet or by clicking on advertisements. The site design is pleasant, with a clear and well-structured layout, and the advertising is not overwhelming. While the opportunities for earning cryptocurrencies are limited, BTCAdspace is still worth taking advantage of for some users.

Payments are made in Bitcoin and directly to the Faucetpay wallet. The withdrawal limit can be reached immediately after registration, in just a few minutes, by meeting the faucet requirement and clicking on advertisements. This definitely makes BTCAdSpace a more reputable provider.



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