Reiki Web3Go Airdrop 1000$

Web3 Go

Reiki is a platform for creating AI bots. The developers of Web3Go, who have collected $4 million in investments, are also the main investors of Binance Labs. Now we can collect leaves every day, which we will then exchange for rewards and the distribution of their tokens.

We are hunting for airdrops from a promising project

Web3Go Reiki is a project that offers a set of tools for creating AI products. Investment of $4 million from Binance Labs including.

The team confirmed the drop in 2024, presumably in the second quarter, so let’s take action

Go to the project website

At the top right, click on the “golden leaf”, mint the NFT passport ($0.15 BNB)

After creating the NFT, click on Gold Leaves Market and begin completing tasks. In tasks where you need to answer quiz questions, the answer can be selected by selection until the correct answer is selected.

We collect points for daily login, if you don’t skip days, from the seventh day you will constantly be awarded 100 sheets

In the first day we can collect 900 sheets+

Let’s go to Reiki

We collect leaves every day, the more = the better! If possible, we invite friends and look forward to further news from the project…

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