Top 5 inexpensive countries.

Top 5 inexpensive countries

5th place – Argentina

Argentina has many advantages for expats: stunning natural diversity, a relaxed, family-oriented lifestyle, rich culture and a variety of visa opportunities.

Most living expenses in Argentina are 50-60% lower than in the United States. Prices for kindergartens, public transport and alcoholic drinks are very low. Apartment rent in Argentina is almost 75% less than in many countries.

Argentina is also a reasonably priced culinary paradise. Lunch can be fairly inexpensive: a small baked empanada (meat pie) costs less than $1, a cappuccino costs less than $2, and a large restaurant pizza costs about $10.

Many expats manage to live quite comfortably in Argentina on $1000–1300 per month, and a family of two can live on about $1500–1800 per month.

4th place – Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries to live for expats. The state is well known for offering a high standard of living at a low cost. According to 2022 data, the cost of living in Vietnam is approximately 42.8% lower than the UK and 63.5% lower than the US. In Vietnam you can live quite well for $500 per month.

Also, the cost of living in Vietnam, as in most other countries, depends on which city or region you choose. Of course, living in cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi is more expensive, but the salaries here are also higher. Renting a small apartment will cost you $250. The cost of eating out is from $1 to $3 per meal; fast food establishments start at $0.50.

3rd place – Nepal

Nepal is one of the cheapest countries in the world in terms of monthly expenses. The standard of living in Nepal is quite low, people live simply. You won’t find vibrant nightlife or active shopping opportunities here.

Food prices depend on the establishment. Lunch at an inexpensive restaurant in Nepal costs about $2, which is quite cheap. But if you visit a tourist restaurant, the prices here will be higher, the cost of one dish starts from $5. Cooking at home will allow you to save a lot. Most staples cost less than a dollar.

Public transport is very poorly organized, although very cheap. A one-way ticket in any direction costs only $0.18, while a monthly pass costs $8.

For renting an apartment in the center of one of the cities, expect to pay $140 per month, which is noticeably cheaper than in most countries in the world. A comfortable life in Nepal will usually cost you $500 per month for one person.

2nd place – Bolivia

Bolivia attracts expats with its natural and welcoming local population. In this country you can live on the edge of the jungle or on the top of the Andes. The region is also rich in colonial cities.

Living in Bolivia is undoubtedly much cheaper than in developed countries. For just over $500 a month you can live quite comfortably and even visit certain establishments. Most Bolivians generally spend only $150 per month.

A quality bottle of locally produced table wine costs less than $3, and one-way air tickets between cities can be purchased for as little as $27. Taxi fares start at 75 cents. Lunch at the restaurant will cost $2.

1st place – Indonesia

Indonesia has the lowest cost of living in the world, about $340 per month. However, prices in big cities are higher than in rural areas. Of course, most of the costs depend on your lifestyle.

Jakarta, Indonesia’s prosperous capital, has a low overall cost of living compared to major Western cities. On average, Jakarta is 60% cheaper than London or New York, 40% cheaper than Berlin and 50% cheaper than Melbourne. In addition, it is more than 50% cheaper than its neighbor Singapore.

Eating in Jakarta is inexpensive; a three-course lunch for two in a mid-priced restaurant costs less than $20. However, alcohol is usually expensive in Indonesia. The wine is imported, so a bottle will cost you about $25.

Public transportation is cheap (and crowded), with rides only costing around $0.25 and a monthly pass costing $12. Taxis are also quite cheap. Therefore, living in Indonesia can be a great choice if you are looking for the cheapest country to live and work


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