How to earn cryptocurrency by reading a blog?


How to make money on Publish0x

Publish0x is a popular publishing blog platform similar to Medium that pays both authors and readers in cryptocurrency.

3 ways to make money on Publish0x:

1. publishing posts;

2. reading articles;

3. referral program.

Anyone can register, read articles, comment and receive tips. However, not everyone can become a publisher.

If you are a blogger, then publish your reviews on an independent platform, receive rewards and expand your audience. To do this you need to register and submit an application. The Publish0x team will approve or reject your proposal, depending on how useful the content you can offer your visitors.

How to earn cryptocurrency by reading a blog?

Readers on the platform are an important segment of the blogosphere, as indicated by the tip percentage. They are the ones who determine how much to send to the author and how much to keep for themselves.

The timer starts. After it ends, you will be able to claim your reward again. Only 7 articles will be paid during the day.

For one post you can get a tip 1 time in 24 hours. If you want to see a post by the same author, the timer will show 60 minutes. If you have chosen a publication by another author, the waiting interval is 10 minutes.

You can additionally earn money through the referral program. Share posts on social networks, invite friends, help promote an interesting project using your affiliate link, and receive 5% of the tip amount of your referrals.

Publish0x makes payments without commission.

Publish0x allows you to withdraw earned tokens in two ways:

  • to the KuCoin exchange, the minimum withdrawal amount is $0.5;
  • to any other address, minimum $5.

Payments to KuCoin are sent every Monday, but the application must be submitted no later than 18:00 on Sunday, otherwise you will have to wait a week until the next time.

Payments to your personal wallet are made weekly, but there may be delays due to the high price of gas.

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