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ChatGPT is an example of how artificial intelligence (AI) can have a huge impact on various domains. AI and blockchain are both data-driven technologies that can complement each other and create new possibilities.

What is AI-powered cryptocurrency?

AI-powered cryptocurrencies harness the power of artificial intelligence to make blockchain systems more efficient, secure, and innovative. These cryptocurrencies are typically involved in projects where AI is used to optimize processes, from predicting market trends to automating decisions.

The best crypto AI projects in 2024

The year 2024 is a time of rapid innovation in the cryptocurrency world, especially in the niche that combines artificial intelligence (AI) with blockchain technologies. These projects are breaking new ground in the traditional financial systems and expanding the possibilities in automation, analytics and data security.

Here are some of the top cryptocurrency AI projects of 2024 that have made a mark on the market and shown great potential in integrating AI with the blockchain. These projects are not only technologically innovative, but also offer new opportunities for investors who want to invest in the future of cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence.

Top 17 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Cryptocurrencies in 2024

  • GRT (The Graph): A project aimed at indexing and organizing data from blockchains, using AI to improve search and access to information.
  • INJ (Injective): A decentralized trading platform that integrates AI to improve transaction efficiency and security.
  • ROSE (Oasis Network): A network focusing on data privacy and AI, offering unique solutions for secure data sharing.
  • RNDR (Render): A project that uses AI to optimize graphics rendering in cloud networks.
  • FET ( A platform that combines blockchain and AI to create economic agents that automate tasks and transactions.
  • AGIX (SingularityNET): Provides AI services on the blockchain, facilitating the exchange and trading of AI resources.
  • OCEAN (Ocean Protocol): A project aimed at sharing and monetizing data using AI.
  • FIL (Filecoin): Decentralized data storage that uses AI to optimize data storage and retrieval.
  • LINK (Chainlink): An oracle for blockchains that integrates external data and AI into smart contracts.
  • CTXC (Cortex): A project that allows the use of AI algorithms in the blockchain.
  • TAO (Bittensor), RLC (iExec RLC), ALI (Artificial Liquid Intelligence),
  • HERA (Hera Finance), DKA (dKargo), PHA (Phala Network), CQT (Covalent): Other significant projects combining AI and blockchain.

The future of cryptocurrencies with artificial intelligence

The future of AI cryptocurrencies promises to be dynamic. With growing interest in AI and blockchain, these cryptocurrencies could become key players in the industry. They offer innovative solutions, increase transparency and security, and open new avenues for investment and technology development.


AI-based cryptocurrencies are essential for blockchain projects that use artificial intelligence for various purposes. They give investors a chance to invest in advanced technologies. Coinmarketcap reported that the market value of AI cryptocurrencies exceeded $21 billion by January 2024, showing great potential and interest in this area.

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