Decentr – fast WEB3 Browser Pays you Cryptocurrency

Web3 Browser

Decentr is a browser with unparalleled speed, security and functionality that opens up the world of Web3 and cryptocurrencies. Try it and start earning cryptocurrency just by being on the Internet!

Decentr Web3 Browser is a WEB3 browser based on Cosmos, but truly blockchain agnostic. While browsing, you can choose whether to share your data, generating PDV (Personal Data Value) and earning $DEC coins.

It also includes DeFi features (staking, P2P lending), dVPN, Adblock, publishing portal and AI chat, all paid with $DEC1.

Here are some key features of Decentr Web3 Browser:

Earn by Viewing: Your data generated in Decentr increases your PDV, which in turn is rewarded with $DEC coin.

dPortal (Publishing platform): here you can publish an article for an audience of millions.

Secure Tools and Privacy: The browser comes with built-in dVPN and Adblock. Decentr is completely confidential and never collects data without explicit consent.

DeFi Features: Easy staking using Decentr Browser and P2P lending based on your PDV.

Multi-purpose browser: Decentr provides an internal wallet, AI chat, publishing portal and more.

The DEC token noticeably increases in price as the project develops and has enormous growth potential.
This is an excellent browser, in our opinion faster than Chrome, and does not require any of your data.

You can sell or buy DEC tokens here.

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