AscendEX Exchange Gives Away Bitcoins

AscendEX Exchange Gives Away Bitcoins

Cryptocurrency exchange AscendEX

In 2018, a new trading platform, BitMax, was launched on the digital coin market. In March 2021, its owners rebranded, as a result of which the AscendEX cryptocurrency exchange appeared, and its own BTMX token was changed to ASD. Users have access to trading all popular coins and the opportunity to participate in the distribution of assets of promising blockchain projects.


The official website of AscendEX is the result of the rebranding of the BitMax exchange. The launch took place on March 22, 2021. The place of CEO and co-founder, as before, is occupied by George Tsao. The second co-founder of the company is Ariel Ling. Shane Molidor took over as head of international marketing. These are the main people of the organization, and they are supported by a team of managers who previously worked in the largest financial and cryptographic companies.

AscendEX Services

The updated trading platform offers traders access not only to transactions in the spot and margin markets, but also to a range of investment products. Main services and functions of the crypto exchange:

  • Trading on the spot market.
  • Margin trading.
  • Futures contracts.
  • Copy Trading
  • Staking.
  • Mining.
  • Investment.

It looks like everything is on a regular stock exchange, but this is where the fun begins!

An innovative approach to passive income: flexible staking and profitable farming with the AscendEX crypto exchange

The peculiarity of staking on AscendEX is that the exchange allows users to use the assets involved in staking: they can be traded and instantly moved. This was achieved by organizing a common pool of liquidity for immediate access to it after placing an asset in staking. “Instant Unpegging” is a feature that allows you to manage your staked assets as you wish, such as using them as margin or futures collateral. This achieves the most flexible risk hedging system, where users can short assets or trade long while continuing to receive rewards for staking.

Income from staking can be maximized through automatic redistribution in a special “Hard Mode”. This mode involves automatic reinvestment of rewards, in which AscendEX sends them back to staking pools, allowing users to increase their already high profitability. The mode can be enabled or disabled at your discretion. Thus, unlike many other staking providers, AscendEX does not impose any restrictions – there is no minimum time for staking, and there is no specific lock-in period for participating in the program.

Profitable farming with AscendEX/ DeFi Yield Farming

The AscendEX team tried to make the farming process on the platform as simple and understandable as possible, ideally even for a beginner. AscendEX takes care of all backend integration with DeFi protocols, which ultimately looks like a simple interface to the user, where you can set up the process and make a profit with just a few mouse clicks. In addition, for those users who understand that to maximize profits they do not need to accumulate tokens, but constantly move them from one protocol to another, AscendEX offers customizable subscriptions to strategies. Additional profitability comes from borrowing funds, which, of course, should only be used by experienced market participants.

Unlike other platforms, AscendEX allows its users to make deposits and withdrawals of assets at any time, while still receiving rewards from profitable farming. The minimum and maximum allocation of assets depends on the specific project in which the participant is investing. There are no additional fees for income farming on AscendEX. On the website you can make an approximate calculation of the annual income from participation in profitable farming programs.

There are also very interesting programs with staking of the native coin of the ASD exchange, cards denominated in this token, which provide a number of advantages to their owners. There is also an automatic Bit Treasure program, which will be familiar to those who participated in package offers for a limited time on other platforms. Thus, AscendEX tried to offer the market something absolutely unique – a universal platform where both beginners and professionals can earn money, and there is a suitable program for everyone.

And of course the best part, free bonuses!

AscendEX Exchange Gives Away Bitcoins

For registration, for each visit to the exchange, for installing a mobile application (very convenient) and completing various tasks, you are awarded cryptocurrency.

AscendEX Exchange Gives Away Bitcoins

As soon as you accumulate 100,000 SAT, you can exchange it for any currency and withdraw it.

AscendEX Exchange Gives Away Bitcoins

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