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Ways to make passive money on OKX

Simple Earn: There is a wide selection of tools available here, including staking, P2P loans, DeFi, and crypto savings accounts. These tools can be either fixed or flexible. In the first case, the deposit cannot be withdrawn ahead of schedule, and in the second, it can be closed at any time.

You can find available options for passive income in the “Earn” section of the exchange in the site’s top menu.

The OKX Earn exchange allows you to earn passive income and offers several investment options, such as Simple Earn, On-chain Earn, and Structured products.

Simple Earn

Introducing Simple Earn, a product that offers a low entry threshold to help you earn money with your available funds. This tool supports subscriptions for different terms, each impacting the income scenario:

1. Flexible term: Allows you to earn money by providing loans on the credit market to users who trade with borrowed funds, such as those engaged in margin trading.

2. Fixed term: Offers multiple sources of income including staking based on PoS (Proof of Stake) technology and staking in liquidity pools.

Unlike traditional self-staking on the network, where assets are locked for extended periods and withdrawals take several days, Simple Earn allows you to withdraw your assets at any time. Interest accrues every hour, providing a more flexible earning opportunity.

On-chain Earn

Staking cryptocurrency on its network, also known as on-chain earning, is a way to support the coin network or DeFi protocols without using an exchange.

OKX channels user deposits into networks or DeFi protocols for various purposes, such as increasing liquidity in markets or farming.

Recently, OKX incorporated a profitable staking protocol on the TON network, broadening the incentives available for users.

User rewards come through two channels:

– Proof-of-Stake (PoS) staking entitles users to rewards based on their storing and staking coins to secure the network. By participating in cryptocurrency staking, users protect the network correlation and gain compensation through new coins or transaction charges.

– DeFi protocols introduce a modern financial network on the blockchain, allowing users to create and transact different financial offerings and services without intermediaries. These networks offer users multiple reward options, including engaging in liquidity interest in diverse market segments and various considerations regarding yield farming and borrowing their cryptocurrency.

Structured Products

Structured products are innovative financial instruments that provide the opportunity to earn interest in the derivatives market. Products can be selected based on current market trends and risk levels.

Depending on the level of acceptable risk, the following products are offered:

  • double investment
  • Snowball
  • Shark Fin

Simple Earn, Staking, DeFi services are available on the exchange website and in the mobile application.

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