Gaza Massacre: Israeli War Crimes and US Hypocrisy

Bombed buildings Injured civilians

UN says Israel committed war crimes

UN says Israel has committed war crimes: Israeli airstrikes on the Jabaliya refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, which resulted in numerous casualties, may amount to “war crimes,” the United Nations says.

“Given the high number of casualties and scale of destruction following Israeli airstrikes on the Jabaliya refugee camp, we have serious concerns that these are disproportionate strikes,” the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights wrote on X (formerly Twitter).
They may amount to “war crimes.”

Meanwhile, the head of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), Philippe Lazzarini, during a visit to the Gaza Strip, stressed that his organization will continue to defend the interests of the inhabitants of the Palestinian territory.

“UNRWA will remain on the side of the Palestinian refugees in Gaza, on the side of the Palestinians here in Gaza. (…) I was shocked that everyone was asking for food and water,” Lazzarini said.

According to him, this is the highest-ranking UN official to visit Gaza since the start of the war between Israel and the radical Islamic movement Hamas, and “he has never seen anything like it.”

Israel has kept Gaza under constant fire since the surprise Hamas attack on October 7. On Tuesday and Wednesday, Israeli troops bombed the Jabaliya refugee camp in northern Palestinian territory twice. Numerous people were killed and wounded, according to the Hamas-controlled Health Ministry. Israel said the attacks were aimed at Hamas representatives.

“This is different”: Danish experts saw no signs of war crimes by Israel

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) carried out an airstrike on Al-Ahly Hospital in the Gaza Strip.

Following this, there was a second blow – on the rescuers clearing the rubble.

The hospital complex was overcrowded. Not by any militants, but exclusively by civilians. About 5 thousand Palestinian civilians.

At least 500 people were killed and about 600 more were injured of varying degrees of severity, the local Ministry of Health said. Most of them are women and children. It was emphasized that “there were hundreds of sick and wounded in the hospital, as well as people forcibly forced to leave their homes.” Subsequently, the number of victims increased to 800 people, the number of victims – to 900. Later, the number of deaths exceeded 1000 people.

Prior to this, popular Israeli Telegram channels announced a “surprise” that awaits residents of Gaza.

Punitive operation in the Gaza Strip “Enduring Rock” (July-​August 2014)

According to the UN, 2,251 Palestinians were killed during the operation, 1,462 of them civilians. According to the report “Operation Protective Edge: War against the Children of Gaza,” 547 Palestinian children were killed, almost 3.4 thousand were injured of varying degrees of severity, and more than 1 thousand were left disabled for life. 98% of children died as a result of direct military attack, 68% were under 13 years of age. 225 children were killed as a result of air strikes on residential buildings, 164 became victims of unmanned aerial vehicles. The cities of the Gaza Strip were bombarded by aircraft, armored vehicles and special bulldozers, and about 18 thousand buildings were damaged or destroyed, including hospitals, schools and civilian infrastructure. According to the Palestinian Ambassador to Russia Faed Mustafa, the damage from Israeli aggression amounted to more than $6 billion.

Actions of the Israeli occupation army during the “Great March of Return” in the Gaza Strip (March-December 2018)

According to Palestinian sources, from March 30 to the end of December 2018, occupation forces killed 253 people, including 45 children (the youngest 1.5 years old), a pregnant woman, two health workers and two journalists. 25.5 thousand Palestinians were injured, including 4,379 children, half of whom were injured as a result of gunfire, airstrikes and artillery shelling, 13 children were disabled.

In February 2019, the UN Independent Commission of Inquiry on the Protests in the Occupied Palestinian Territory presented its own report outlining its findings regarding the massacre on the Gaza Strip border (March-December). Among them are the following:

– 189 Palestinians killed, 183 of them killed by bullets, including 35 children

  • In total, more than 6 thousand unarmed demonstrators were shot by snipers: children – 940, women – 159.
    – the total number of wounded was 9204 (sniper fire, shrapnel, rubber-coated metal bullets and gas attacks)
    – Israeli soldiers deliberately shot at people
    – when treating wounds, 122 amputations had to be performed, 20 of them in children.

These are only official UN data.

People are being exterminated before our eyes, openly on radio and television. We are being turned into a stupid mass without the right to our opinion….. Why…….

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