Compound Interest on Bitcoin Deposit.

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Compound Interest: What is it and where to get it


Compound interest sometimes seems like a miracle. This is a powerful tool for increasing capital and its secret lies in investing for the long term. Mayer Rothschild said that “compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world,” and Albert Einstein said that it is “the greatest invention of mankind.” Let’s look at what compound interest is and how to become a millionaire even with relatively small investments.

Compound interest is interest that is calculated on both the principal amount and previous periods’ interest. They allow you to maximize your return on your principal. Compound interest can be calculated at different intervals: every day, every month or every year.

It would be nice to receive daily compound interest on your deposit, but who will pay it? Indeed, such generous offers are few, but they exist !


Opportunities to earn compound interest on your deposit.


Free Bitcoin

Free Bitcoin is a popular site for earning bitcoins that has been operating since 2013. During this time, more than 50 million users registered on it, who over the entire period won 250,000 BTC in various games. The site contains the oldest and most popular cryptocurrency faucet today, which every 60 minutes distributes for free from several satoshi to $200 for the most successful hallmarks. On the eve of the Bitcoin halving, the site is especially relevant; another cycle of BTC price growth is expected.


Lamborghini Huracan


For balances of 0.0003 BTC or more, compound interest (0.0109589% per day) is accrued on your entire bitcoin wallet balance. Since the accrual happens every day, the balance is constantly growing and you get more passive income every day.


FunFair token will increase your income on the Free Bitcoin website.

A promising token, FunFair (FUN), has appeared on the FreeBitcoin website, which was created on the Ethereum blockchain and works in the field of online gambling. He demonstrably values fair and transparent games, making him a perfect fit for this project.
FunFair is traded on top crypto exchanges and is located in the top 100 cryptocurrencies according to the rating of the CoinMarketCap service. The appearance of FreeBitcoin on the platform will further increase its recognition.


FunFair (FUN)


When purchasing FunFair FUN tokens on the Free Bitcoin platform, you get the following benefits:

  • Get cashback. When using the Multyply BTC and BETTING features, you get 1% cashback.
  • Free spins. With a certain number of FUN tokens you will receive up to 16 free Wheel of Fortune spins.
  • Additional interest rate. As a Free Bitcoin user, you are already entitled to an interest rate of 4.08% on your BTC deposit. When you purchase FUN tokens and join the Premium Program, you can earn up to 25% extra daily.
  • High growth potential. Given the potential benefits and size of Free Bitcoin’s user base, the value of the FunFair token could skyrocket.
  • More passive income. The more FUN tokens you have, the more passive income you will receive daily.

There are also many different competitions and games for bitcoins, you can win a Lamborghini Huracan or $200,000 in bitcoins.


Security and protection on Free Bitcoin

Security and reliability are of utmost importance when dealing with Bitcoin. Free Bitcoin understands this and has implemented several security features to protect its users.
The secure platform uses two-factor authentication (2FA), a security measure that requires users to provide two forms of identification before accessing their accounts. Free Bitcoin also uses encryption to protect your data, making it much more difficult for hackers to gain access to your information.

Free Bitcoin is a legal platform for earning free Bitcoins. This is one of the oldest and most reliable cranes, operating since 2013. It is included in the top 2000 global sites according to Similarweb. It has a large, active user base and numerous positive reviews online.


Join the Free Bitcoin community of millions of users who earn money every day.



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