The most luxurious Mercedes with batteries !


This is the most luxurious battery-powered Mercedes: 56 inches of display and more than 680 km on a single charge.

The most luxurious Mercedes with batteries !

  This is a “green” analogue of the executive S-Class, designed exclusively as an electric car.

With a length of 5216 mm, a width of 1926 mm and a height of 1512 mm, Mercedes’ flagship electric sedan turned out to be slightly larger than the standard S-Class.

The base EQS 450+ is rear-wheel drive and its single engine produces 333 hp. and 568 Nm. Acceleration to hundreds takes 6.2 seconds, top speed is 210 kilometers per hour. The battery capacity is 108 kWh. In the most economical driving mode, the car can travel over 680 kilometers.

The Mercedes-Benz EQS 580 is equipped with two electric motors and has all-wheel drive, with a total power of 523 hp. and 855 Nm. The maximum speed is limited to the same mark, 210 km/h, but acceleration to hundreds is almost two seconds faster – in 4.3 seconds. With the same battery, the car travels up to 620 kilometers.

The EQS was the world’s first executive model built on an electric modular architecture. It has the best aerodynamic drag coefficient in the world for a production car – only 0.20 Cx. The recuperation system provides deceleration of up to 3 m/s². For comparison: standard brakes give less – 2 m/s². In many cases, during normal deceleration, you can do without pressing the brake pedal.

New generation batteries are used for the first time on a sedan. They have 26% more usable capacity than the EQC 400 crossover. The battery management system was developed by Mercedes independently. It can be updated “over the air” during the operation of the machine, optimizing energy consumption. From a quick charge of electricity, the car gains a range of 300 kilometers in 15 minutes.

The most luxurious Mercedes with batteries !

Navigation builds a route taking into account the presence of charging stations along the way, if you need to replenish your energy supply. Recalculation occurs instantly, taking into account the traffic jam situation and driving style. Or, for example, when starting in the morning, the system will immediately tell you whether the battery will last for the whole day of travel.

A fundamentally new layout of the power plant made it possible to change the design. The electric S-Class resembles not a classic sedan, but a fastback. The salon is moved forward (cab forward concept). At the front, the Black unit style includes LED headlights connected by a light strip and a black false radiator grille.

All options and electronic systems of the model are also updated over the air. You can download additional functionality. So, at the start, special driving modes are available for novice drivers or for servicemen, and several games. In the future, options can be purchased after purchasing the car, activated for a while, or used for free for several days in trial mode.

For the first time in the world, electric drive of all four doors is offered. Depending on the configuration, the EQS can have up to 350 sensors and sensors, a Burmester sound system with 15 speakers, two subwoofers and an amplifier, programs to create the driver’s mood or tone, a fully controlled chassis, and matrix LED headlights with 1.3 million micromirrors each. The car is prepared for the installation of a parking system with the fourth level of autonomy.

The main feature of the interior is three screens under a single 56-inch glass. The system is called MBUX Hyperscreen and is powered by an eight-core processor, 24 GB of RAM and trained artificial intelligence. Touchscreens are scratch-resistant and have vibration response. The equipment may also include a large head-up display with augmented reality, heating, ventilation and massage functions in all seats, and an air aroma system in the cabin with a special aroma No.6 MOOD Linen.

The Mercedes-Benz EQS will go on sale before the end of the year; trim levels and prices have not yet been announced. However, according to Motor1, in the USA they can be about 110 thousand dollars for the EQS 450+ version and 120 thousand for the EQS 580 version. At this cost, it will compete with such top-end electric cars as the Lucid Air Grand Touring (131, 5 thousand dollars), Tesla Model S Plaid ($120 thousand) and a number of expensive modifications of the Porsche Taycan.

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