How to Earn Passive Income with Yield Farming in the DeFi World

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Yield Farming, also known as “yielding,” is a method of generating income from your cryptocurrencies within the DeFi (decentralized finance) ecosystem. It’s similar to renting out a property and earning rental income. In the DeFi space, you deposit your cryptocurrencies into a liquidity pool on different platforms and, in return, receive interest payments or new tokens.

How does Yield Farming work?

In the DeFi world, you contribute your cryptocurrencies to a shared pool of funds known as a liquidity pool on a yield farming platform. Other users can then use these funds for a range of activities, such as taking out loans, exchanging currencies, and engaging in other financial transactions. In exchange for providing your funds, you earn rewards in the form of interest payments or new tokens from the platform.

Best Yield Farming Platform

Cadabra Finance is, without exaggeration, the first project in its segment that works to make money for the user, and not the creator of the platform. The goal is to create the most useful product for the audience

Best Yield farming


As one of the world’s largest and leading cryptocurrency exchanges, we simple and secure yield farming to our users. To date we’ve integrated various yield farming protocols into our platform, including SushiSwap, and also provide our on-chain earn product. Once you’re registered and signed in, you can start using on-chain earn with the funds in your OKX Web3 Wallet.

OKX Earn

In conclusion

Yield Farming in DeFi presents an emerging opportunity to generate income from your cryptocurrencies. Similar to how farmers cultivate crops, DeFi users can “cultivate” income by lending their assets to liquidity pools. However, like any investment venture, there are risks involved, such as the potential for capital loss due to market volatility or contract errors. Therefore, it’s crucial to thoroughly research platforms and strategies, and start with small amounts to understand the process and evaluate the risks.



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