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FaucetPay launched a free advertising network


FaucetPay Free Advertising Network is a top cryptocurrency advertising network. Unlike traditional models, this network focuses on targeted traffic and valuable actions instead of just impressions or clicks.

FaucetPay is different from pay-per-impression and pay-per-click networks. Earnings are based on the share of globally unique impressions generated, not just the total number of impressions.
Each IP address can generate only one globally unique click (guClick) within the entire network every 24 hours. After a visitor generates this unique click, no additional clicks from that IP will be counted for the remainder of the day, regardless of the ads clicked or sites visited.

FaucetPay Ad Network introduces an innovative approach to cryptocurrency advertising. By prioritizing globally unique impressions and clicks, it offers more value for advertisers seeking targeted and meaningful engagement.

To start an advertising company, you only need 1 dollar, which you can earn on the same site. There are various crypto faucets and simple tasks available to earn money.

Free AD Network



ZERO COIN network has 2 free advertising networks simultaneously


Ad2Bitcoin and “ZerAds” are two free advertising networks that allow users to promote their projects for free. Both networks offer a daily faucet that provides free advertising credits. Users can also earn credits by viewing ads. With these credits, users can display their banner ads to a wide audience for the entire day.

– Free banner credits daily

– No website required

– Fast banner ad approval

– 10% lifetime referral commission

Free Advertising network Ad2Bitcoin also offers a banner exchange desktop bar that provides hourly bitcoin rewards and live stats. Furthermore, website owners and publishers can instantly join the network without any minimum traffic requirements and receive bitcoin and banner credit rewards.


Free Ad Network



ZerAds also has a free daily faucet, allowing users to claim credits every day and submit their ads to the network. Advertisers can target specific websites and choose their payment model (e.g., CPC, CPM, pool bid). All ads are approved quickly, and ZerAds accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Zero cryptocurrency for advertising.

ZerAds charges only a 10% fee, giving publishers 10% more earnings compared to other networks. Additionally, ZerAds provides various ways for publishers to maximize their income even when there are no bidders for their ad space. The network boasts a library of over 1000 websites for advertisers to bid on and ensures that websites earn income even when there are no bidders through network pool ads or site offers pages.


Free Zero Coin AD




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