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What have we learned about this link?

Foxy is the unofficial mascot of the Linea blockchain, a decentralized network committed to Ethereum and bootstrapped by Consensys. The Foxy team aims to make the decentralized internet safe and accessible for everyone, providing a platform for dApps to build, grow, and succeed.

Foxy’s Mission

Foxy’s mission is to foster the emergence of culture on the Linea ecosystem through the creation of a community hub and a memecoin, $FOXY. This unique combination of a memecoin and a community hub is designed to reward loyal users and encourage the growth of the Linea ecosystem.

Foxy Airdrops

Foxy has announced several airdrops, including one for loyal MetaMask users and another for verified OKX users. The initial airdrop will include the top 100,000 MetaMask swap users by number of swaps.

Foxy’s Availability

$FOXY will be available exclusively on the Linea blockchain and can be traded on, OKX, and Bybit.

Stay Connected

To stay updated on Foxy’s latest news and announcements, follow the official Telegram channel, @welikethefox, and visit the official website,

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