Celia Finance has launched free Celia token Mining

Celia Finance Free Mining

Celia Finance is a cryptocurrency exchange currently in development. The pre-launch deposits for the L2 (Layer 2) are now live, enabling users to deposit supported assets such as swETH, rswETH, and other assets in order to be eligible for airdrops from projects building on the L2.

Airdrop Opportunities

The pre-launch deposit contract on mainnet makes users eligible for airdrops from both Swell and projects building on the L2. These projects include ION Protocol, Ambient Finance, Brahma Finance, and more to be confirmed. Each of these projects will distribute tokens to depositors on the date of their respective airdrops.

Multiple Airdrops

By depositing LRTs and other supported tokens, users can receive future airdrops from protocols building on Swell L2. This includes ION Protocol, Ambient, Brahma Finance, and more to be confirmed soon.

Bonus Airdrop

Depositors will also receive a SWELL airdrop upon the launch of Swell L2. This is separate from the 7% of the supply allocated to Pearl holders.

Celia Finance Token (CELIA)

The Celia Token (CELIA) is a utility token that will power the Celia Exchange and facilitate transactions on the platform. It will also provide holders access to exclusive features and discounts. CELIA serves as the foundation of the Celia platform.

Pre-launch and Airdrop Timeline

– Pre-launch deposits for the L2 are now live

– Airdrops from projects building on the L2 will be delivered to depositors on the date of their respective airdrops

– Bonus SWELL airdrop upon the launch of Swell L2

To mine Celia Token, follow these steps

Step 1: Go to the Celia website

Step 2: Register and login to the Celia Finance platform using your email address and password

Step 3: Claim your free 2 CLT tokens by using the code SFCJCQCLT

Step 4: Start FREE mining Celia Token

Additional Information

– Mining Limitation: The Celia Exchange has set a limit on the number of CLT tokens that each user can mine every 24 hours in order to promote widespread adoption and fairness

– Referral Reward: The platform offers an additional mining reward of 0.2 CLT for every active referral

– Token Burn: Celia Finance will use a portion of its revenue each quarter to buy back and burn Celia Tokens, effectively eliminating them and reducing the total supply of tokens

Please be aware that the Celia Token mining process and requirements may be subject to change, so it’s crucial to stay updated with the latest information and guidelines provided by the Celia platform.

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